Gucci company development process

Published: 06th May 2011
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At the beginning of the last century, Italian gucci, gucci albanians Europe, London and Paris, he are exposed to the local fashionable personage dress grade gradually interpretation. After return to fiorentina in 1921, he opened a specializes in high-end baggage accessories and equestrian supplies by local shops, selling fine leather artisan makes best play, and above ancient qi (GUCCI) symbol. Only a few years time, the store will attract a batch of domestic and foreign Settings customers. Such a huge success, prompting gucci ou DE gucci in 1938 in Rome first opened a branch.

After world war ii, due to the lack of raw materials in 1947, gucci designed to handle slubby alternative leather bag, this one design still classics. By the 1950s, derived from the MaDu take red, green, red stripe is used as accessories decoration pattern, who thus became the brand and a logo design.

In 1953, gucci brand reputation has heyday. This year, gucci ou DE gucci died, the company’s New York branch, it opened in that same year also marked the gucci began to global market attack. In the 1960s, as gucci London, Paris and the establishment of palm beach, Florida, which represents file Italian vogue and grade of the world’s most famous brand in major market a foothold. At the end of the 1960s, "GG" officially became gucci brand marking.

In 1970, the global expansion pointing to gucci far east, Hong Kong and Tokyo separately has its stores. The early 1980s, gucci company by MAO LiJiAo · gucci leadership, but at this point, gucci mastered the internal strife family affects the development of the company, gucci brand image began to decline. In 1990, americans Tom ford join gucci, as the company of women’s creative director. His arrival heralds the revolutionary transformation begins.

In 1994, Tom ford was appointed gucci group full product creative director, on March, he launched its excellent reputation silks and satins shirt, jacket and pants, velvet mohair portray an integrates modern, sexy, leng yan backed by one of the new image. Tom ford aggressive overhaul gucci, will this traditional brand change for new fashionable generations, that gucci themselves becomes young race’s fashion representatives. In the 1990s the agitation of Europe luxury brand transformation, gucci to redefine the oneself in the fashion world is undoubtedly the position is done the most successful.

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